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Canada Cultural Center Mandate

When I immigrated in the late 80s from Germany to Canada I discovered shortly thereafter that Canada and especially Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island have very rich culture and heritage. In subsequent years many of my international clients did express great regret that there was no obvious collection or portfolio exhibiting Canadian culture which they were able to access, this especially referring to the internet. Since Nova Scotia and especially Cape Breton have many great musicians, visual artists, sculptors, wood carvers, etc. I made it my mandate over the next 20 years to attempt to showcase much of what Canadian people and Canada had to offer. I soon discovered that especially native people have a very rich culture and heritage and that same were increasingly disappearing. It is with great pride that we have begun to display some of the artists with whom we have worked together over the past 20 years on this website. When it comes to spirituality nothing matches, in my opinion, native art and culture.

This website was also created to show our deepest respect to the native people and First Nations of Canada. I am proud to say that I can call many native people my friends and I wish to thank them for their trust and confidence. A special thanks to our former Premier Rodney MacDonald, who has assisted us greatly in our effort to work together with native communities. Many of the showcased artists had another occupation besides creating art work and I am proud to say that we were able to promote their art work enough that they can now work full-time at their art occupation and make a good living at the same time. It is the main goal of the Canada Cultural Center to make artists self-sufficient. This takes a long time commitment, hard work, endurance, honesty and mutual trust for both parties. I would like to encourage especially native artists who are looking to find more exposure nationally and internationally to contact us. Please understand that we cannot exhibit every artist and since we are not a government organisation or otherwise subsidised we only have limited possibilities. It is however our goal to promote and foster emerging artists.

Rolf Bouman

Founder Canada Cultural Center